The Balancing Tonic – 1 Bottle (32 fl. oz.)

$ 60.00

The Balancing Tonic is a whole body dietary supplement that has the power to increase energy levels, build strength, optimize health, balance the body’s energy, strengthen the recovery process and nourish the blood.

The Balancing Tonic is unlike any other product available on the market. The scientific combination of 18 Tonic Herbs makes it a unique, powerful and completely safe supplement to use on a daily basis.

Our proprietary blend draws on the best of the world’s vital traditions; emphasizing balance and longevity; counteracting stress; balancing the body system; improving endurance; increasing physical and mental energy, stamina and circulation; detoxifying and maintaining overall health.

The Balancing Tonic is comprised of an accurate blend of 18 superior bi-directional tonic herbs along with other ingredients compounded in such a way that aid in the animal’s recovery process. 

Together, these ingredients have the ability to restore balance and health in all of the systems of the body such as the immune, cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive, nervous and so on.

Each system of the animal’s body has an ideal place where it operates and if we can keep that system operating at its optimum point, at the level that produces health, then the animal’s ability to resist health challenges is dramatically increased and that is what The Balancing Tonic is able to do.

The Balancing Tonic earns its right to be called a Whole Body Tonic because it embodies the 10 essential properties required to maintain all body systems (immune system, nervous system, digestive system, muscular skeletal system, etc.):

  1. Restores and maintains balance to body systems.
  2. Increases production of energy through normal metabolic means.
  3. Increases resistance to infections of all kinds.
  4. Decreases stress and anxiety, increases the ability to perform as well as to rest and sleep.
  5. Guards against radical damage.
  6. Increases the body’s ability to build new muscle tissue and/or to lose weight through burning more calories.
  7. Regulates digestive processes.
  8. Provides support to strengthen the heart.
  9. Helps keep the liver and related organs and glands in good health.
  10. Helps keep bowel movements regular.

Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D.
Author, Herbal Tonic Therapies

Weight 3 lbs