Poor Circulation

Poor Circulation

Since 2009 I have used The Balancing Tonic for my horses, competing in the High Amateur Owner Jumpers to Grand Prix Level and this Whole Body Tonic has helped to keep my horses at their peak to be able to compete at that highest level. The Balancing Tonic has helped to extend their careers. Before we began using The Balancing Tonic, his poor circulation made daily bandaging a necessity. After we began feeding him this supplement his legs stay cold and tight every day. I use The Balancing Tonic on all of my horses and believe it has contributed toRead more ⟶

Show Jumping – Ali Wolff (USA)

I have been using The Balancing Tonic on my horses, from top equitation horses to Grand Prix jumpers to race horses, for the past 15 years, with much success. It is extremely helpful in the rehabilitation process because it helps with their circulation and seems to accelerate the process of overall improvement. There are too many specific success stories to put on paper here, but the improvements in so many areas is proof positive The Balancing Tonic does indeed work. I also give it to many of my customers’ equitation horses that compete weekend after weekend throughout the year. AsRead more ⟶

Erika Hogg-Belden – Left Bank Equine

I have been using The Balancing Tonic since 2009. Most of the horses in my stable now are on this product. I first tried The Balancing Tonic on our Grand Prix jumper, Alaska, because he was always stocked up in his hind legs. We had spent many hours icing and wrapping his legs but they always looked the same. When Paulette talked to me about The Balancing Tonic and said that it may increase circulation, I asked her if she thought it could benefit him. Three weeks after he started on the Tonic, a friend of mine with an extensiveRead more ⟶

Valerie Renihan – Findlay’s Ridge

In 2009 I saw a horse that I had brokered two years previously. This horse always had huge back legs and was dull. When I saw him he was absolutely beautiful, his coat was iridescent and his legs were tight. When I had asked what she was giving him she told me about The Balancing Tonic so I contacted Paulette to ask her about it. I purchased a gallon to try it on an old retired horse that boarded with me and I put some in a container to bring into the house for myself as well. He too hadRead more ⟶

Jill Townsend – Winter Heaven Farm