The Balancing Tonic is a whole body dietary supplement that has the power to build strength, optimize health, balance the body’s energy, strengthen the recovery process and nourish the blood.

The scientific combination of Tonic Herbs and Vital Minerals makes it a unique, powerful and completely safe supplement to use on a daily basis – It is unlike any other product available on the market.

Our proprietary blend draws on the best of the world’s vital traditions; emphasizing balance and longevity; counteracting stress; balancing the body systems; improving endurance; increasing physical and mental energy, stamina and circulation; detoxifying and maintaining overall health.


for vitality

for improved focus

for stress relief

for relief of tension and nervousness

for body that lacks suppleness

for sustained energy

for brighter eyes

for improved coat and sheen

for regularizing abnormal appetite

for lessening overexcitement

for digestive support

It will put a system in good functioning order and remove many defects that are brought about by lack of certain vital substances in the blood, which have made some glands overactive and some under-active. The Balancing Tonic helps to keep the stomach in order, kidneys and liver clean, the blood pure and the bowels free. All of which gives the added zest to compete.