Success Stories – Horses

“Our high-performance hunters need to be sharp, supple, and without any tension to jump their best. The Balancing Tonic keeps our horses and ponies relaxed both at home and in the show ring without making them feel dull. We would recommend The Balancing Tonic to anyone who wants to keep their horses and ponies feeling great.”

– Gary Duffy, Owner and Head Trainer, Little Brook Farms

“My horses have never felt better since I started giving them The Balancing Tonic [over 10 years ago]. It is a key part of their daily diet and keeps them all in top form.”

– Shane Sweetnam (IRL), Sweet Oak Farm

“We have used The Balancing Tonic on our horses since 2013, and they have never felt better. It seems like The Balancing Tonic is the one thing that we can add that really helps them if they’re is not as healthy as they should be. We trust The Balancing Tonic to keep our horses in excellent health. Healthy horses are winning horses.”

– German Camargo (COL), Wellington, FL

“I cannot say enough good things about The Balancing Tonic!

With all of the traveling and constant stress that my horses are under while competing in Grand Prix Events, The Balancing Tonic helps them not only to stay healthy but focused on their work as well.”

– Callan Solem (USA), Callan Solem Show Stables

“Since 2009, I have used The Balancing Tonic for my horses, competing in the High Amateur Owner Jumpers to Grand Prix Level and this Whole Body Tonic has helped to keep my horses at their peak to be able to compete at that highest level. The Balancing Tonic has helped to extend their careers.”

– Ali Wolff (USA), Ali Wolff LLC.

“The Balancing Tonic has been the constant supplement in our management protocol for the past 13 years and the results speak for themselves.

My horses have competed throughout all of North America and Europe and have maintained their health and well-being throughout. Cumulatively my horses have competed in over 200 Grand Prix competitions,National championships, world cups, nations cups etc.and have consistently ranked in the top 100 in the FBI rankings.

Our success in managing and competing these horses is not a mystery. Their bodies and brains need consistent support during the stress of competing traveling and changing environments.”

– Arlene ‘Tuny’ Page (USA), Stillpoint Farm

“I have been using The Balancing Tonic on my horses for over 5 years now – originally, we began giving it to our horses to help recover from the stress of transatlantic trips and immediately noticed that the horses were able to maintain ideal weight and amount of energy while on the product. Their overall health and performance has increased significantly, and I have seen that the recovery time after the competition is greatly reduced. I feel that The Balancing Tonic is an important part of my horses’ diet and they don’t go anywhere without it.”

– Cian O’Connor (IRL), Karslwood Stables

“Through the years of rescue, we have seen many different physical conditions and we never know what we are going to be faced with. When you have over 1,400 horses come to you, it is inevitable that something new will always pop up. As with different horses having different ailments comes, different techniques, applications, remedies, and different products.

It is imperative that you do your best to keep certain components steady like the digestion system and the cardiovascular system.  Anything you can do to boost their immune system is a huge plus.
With the number of horses that we save from so may different circumstances, you can be sure that you will have a few with special needs. One Belgian gelding named Billy had a tendon sheath infection that was affecting his entire body. Billy was given a less that 10% chance of survival even though he was only 5 years old. The doctor put him on many antibiotics and other medications. The problem was, due to his suppressed immune system, we were not sure these medications would work for him? During this time, Billy was also given another product called The Balancing Tonic. To everyone’s amazement, including his doctor’s, Billy made a full recovery and is now a very healthy and happy young Belgian gelding who will go on to live a normal life.
We also have a racehorse named Lady Hyacett who had raced just two weeks before being sent to slaughter. Lady Hyacett was walking with a limp, and it was gradually getting worse. We had a specialist come out to see her. It was the worst case of White Line Disease he had seen in 20 years. The decision had to be made on what was best and most humane for Lady Hyacett. We went ahead with the treatment and decided that we would reevaluate in a month. The hoof wall from the quarters forward including the toe, needed to be removed. Since the heels were still intact and strong, he was able to a make a special shoe with a plate that would properly support the hoof. All the Whiteline disease was cut out and the hoof treated every day. At this point it was a race against time on whether the hoof would grow quickly enough for her to put enough weight on it so as not to cause founder in the other leg or damaging the tendon. We anticipated a year recovery for this. Lady Hyacett was put on The Balancing Tonic and the growth was nothing short of miraculous. Three months later her hoof wall had grown halfway down, there was no sign of lameness, and we expect full recovery

The Balancing Tonic
 seems to aid in the horse’s body working more efficiently, like a well-oiled machine without any cogs. Many of our horses have been on this product at one time or another. We have seen quicker recovery times in sick horses and an overall better well being of the horses.” 

– Pure Thoughts Horse & Foal Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit organization

“I had a 15 year old large pony that was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. I started using The Balancing Tonic instead of prescription medicine and the effects were astounding! I also take the product myself and it makes me feel great.”

– Christian Currey, FarmVet Founder

“I have witnessed and experienced the change that The Balancing Tonic has had on my horses.

Since I have been using The Balancing Tonic on my horses, their digestive systems are functioning better; they have steadier behavior and more controlled energy. I tried the product because at the time I had two horses that were very irritable.

I tried several products and The Balancing Tonic is the only one that really gave me the results I was looking for. It took about three weeks for me to see a difference, but now all my horses are on it everyday.”

– Marco Bernal (COL), Marco Bernal Dressage Intl.

“I have been using The Balancing Tonic since 2012 and I love it! My horses look and feel great! When competing at top levels, every edge counts and I definitely feel a difference since my horses have been using this product.

I find their coats are beautiful, their energy levels are exactly where they need to be and their recovery time after hard competitions is significantly lessened. Both my hunters and jumpers get it and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I even take it myself! I highly recommend using The Balancing Tonic for any horse and riders too!”

– Heather Caristo-Williams (USA), Glenview Stables

“I have been using The Balancing Tonic on my horses, from top equitation horses to Grand Prix jumpers to race horses, for the past 16 years, with much success. It is extremely helpful in the rehabilitation process because it helps with their circulation and seems to accelerate the process of overall improvement.

There are too many specific success stories to put on paper here, but the improvements in so many areas is proof positive that The Balancing Tonic does indeed work.

I also give it to many of my customers’ equitation horses that compete weekend after weekend throughout the year.”

– Erika Hogg-Belden (USA), Left Bank Equine

“I wanted to thank you so much for having such a wonderful whole body Balancing Tonic supplement!

I had a patient, Picky, that is an older pony with insulin resistance. He has been suffering with laminitis and not sweating here in Florida for the last two years.

After putting him on The Balancing Tonic, he was evidently much more comfortable walking. Not only did Picky remain comfortable, but he was sweating! Picky thanks you! He is now comfortably barefoot and able to go play in turnout.”

– Dr. Naomi Katzowitz, D.V.M.

“I had a young hunter that was having a very hard time getting to work and would often seem cranky and unwilling to want to go out for the days work. We tried vets, ulcer medicines and various supplements to try and see if anything could help improve his attitude and work ethic.

When I was ready to give up, I tried The Balancing Tonic and within 2 weeks started to see a real change in attitude. After 30 days, I had a completely different and happy horse. Thank you!”

– Hope Glynn (USA), Sonoma Valley Stables

“I have been using the Balancing Tonic since 2008. Most of the horses in my stable now are on this product. 

I first tried The Balancing Tonic on our Grand Prix jumper Alaska because he was always stocked up in his hind legs. We had spent many hours icing and wrapping his legs, but they always looked the same. When Paulette talked to me about The Balancing Tonic and said that it may increase circulation, I asked her if she thought it could benefit him. 

Three weeks after he started on the Tonic, a friend of mine with an extensive background in showing and judging conformation hunters, commented on how amazing it was that he could jump the size courses he jumps, and his legs stayed so tight. 

Alaska went on that year to win Grand Prix classes in Palm Beach, Europe, and The Presidents Cup at the Washington International Horse Show.” 

– Valerie Renihan (USA) Head Trainer, Findlay’s Ridge

“In 2009, I saw a horse that I had brokered two years previously.  This horse always had huge back legs and was dull.  When I saw him, he was beautiful, his coat was iridescent, and his legs were tight.  When I had asked what she was giving him she told me about the Balancing Tonic, so I contacted Paulette to ask her about it.

I purchased a jug to try it on an old, retired horse that boarded with me, and I put some in a container to bring into the house for myself as well.  He too had stocked up hind legs and his coat was always fuzzy and dull.  I had great results with him, and for an old horse it was quite interesting to see that it could have such an impact.  A black pony that I gave the Balancing Tonic to, within two weeks his coat became iridescent as well.  He went home for a few months and when he came back dull and brown, I put him back on the product and again we had the same result.  They just bloom …. Another horse that we used it on had been sick, a non sweater, skin disease and was a very picky eater never finishing his feed.  Once he got the Balancing Tonic put in his feed, he would eat every bite.  He kept sweating all summer and did not struggle with skin problems and I hear today he will not eat his food without the Balancing Tonic in it. 

I personally have had acid reflux problems and it has been a struggle to keep it at bay.  I started taking the Tonic and my stomach problems have all but disappeared as well as the swelling in my fingers and ankles at day’s end.  My dog has had skin and allergy problems and was a very picky eater.  I put a little in his food and you would have thought it was steak the first week.  After he has been on it for a while, he does not seem to crave it like he did before but still gets a little on his food every day and his coat has never looked better.

I think what I can say is that I have seen a variety of results with many horses, people and dogs who are using the product.  If you just cannot put your finger on something or you have tried to treat a problem with conventional methods with no or limited results, you owe it to yourself to try Balancing Tonic.  See for yourself what it can do for you.”

– Jill Townsend (USA), Winter Heaven Farm

“I have all of our horses on The Balancing Tonic. The biggest difference I see is in their coats as well as their feet. Our blacksmith says we have the best feet in Wellington, and we don’t use any hoof supplements! It is nice to know that what we are putting into our horses’ bodies is helping from the inside out.”

Kristy McCormack Herrera (USA), Oasis Show Stables

“We have been using the balancing tonic for about 10 years on our horses, their coats and general health stay consistent during travel and competition. I personally have been taking the tonic for about 5 years, I started taking it during a bad sinus infection that I couldn’t shake off. Since starting the tonic, I haven’t had so much as a head cold. I highly recommend the tonic either for yourself or your horses.”

Ashling O’Neill, Trelawny Farm

“One of my horses used to suffer from terrible allergies. His symptoms were extreme: snotty nose, runny eyes, coughing, wheezing, and chronic hives. His lungs became compromised to the point that our vet warned us he may never return to a normal workload. I tried every allergy supplement and prescription medication under the sun with no luck. After only 2 weeks on The Balancing Tonic, I saw major improvement! He no longer suffers from allergy symptoms and has returned to the show ring in peak condition. The Tonic has significantly bettered his quality of life and overall well-being.

I have been supplementing my horses’ diets with The Balancing Tonic since 2019 and they have never been healthier. The horses have balanced energy levels, beautiful coats, and are free of tension in competition environments. I have seen clear improvement in every horse in my barn. From improving their general well-being to kidney conditions, metabolic issues, ulcer prevention, and more. The Tonic supports their minds and bodies so they can always perform at their best!”

Sierra Conrad (USA), Owner & Head Trainer, Integrity Sport Horse

“The Balancing Tonic proves to me time and time again of its profound positive effects on horses. From subsiding considerate stallion behavior in a recently gelded horse, keeping leg inflammation down in a horse that refuses to wear standing wraps to the little things. Like realizing a particular horse doesn’t get hives or summer sores anymore seemingly heightening that horses immune system. I can’t say enough good things about The Balancing Tonic for the overall positive mental and physical health of the horse.”

Jill Knowles (USA), Owner/Head Trainer, Hidden Knoll Farm

“It’s all in the name, balance is just what it brings to my horses. I find The Balancing Tonic gives my horses a better coat and body condition along with mental clarity.”

Jenni McAllister (USA), Team McAllister